Black Cat Driving School

Pull up on the right and reverse

The examiner will ask you to pull up on the right when it’s safe to do so. You will be in a location that the examiner has specifically chosen that is suitable for the manoeuvre.


The examiner is looking for a demonstration of three key skills. These are:

  • Control – to move the car slowly, under full control
  • Accuracy – good road positioning throughout the manoeuvre
  • Observation – to be fully aware of your surroundings, other road users, pedestrians and the ability to act accordingly given changing circumstances

Try to pick a safe place to stop, not within 10 metres of a junction, not near the brow of a hill or near a bend. Don’t block driveways and try to stagger your vehicle away from parked vehicles on the left. It is advisable to try to not get too close to parked vehicles on the right. They will obscure your view when you try to rejoin traffic on the left. Allow plenty of time to cross oncoming traffic. Aim to stop parallel, and reasonably close to the kerb with straight wheels.

The examiner will now ask you to reverse for around two car lengths, keeping reasonably close to the kerb on the right. If you have stopped straight and parallel with the kerb and with straight wheels, this should be an easy process.

Once the reverse is completed you will be asked to move away when its safe.


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