Learn to drive – parallel parking

The video below shows the basics of the parallel parking manoeuvre. Whilst you learn to drive – parallel parking is a manoeuvre we will practice until its perfected, it is a manoeuvre that you will use frequently once you have passed your driving test. Remember, all manoeuvres on the UK Driving Test are assessed on your control of the vehicle and your observation skills.


  • Observe  all around and when safe proceed to the start position.
  • Observe again including backwards then reverse to your point of turn.
  • Observe again including your blind spot then 1 turn left.
  • At 1 ‘o clock – 1 turn right to straighten your wheels.
  • Reverse until your vehicle is within a drains width of the curb, 1 turn right.
  • When your vehicle is parallel to the kerb 1 turn left to straighten you wheels. Stop.

Remember to keep your car slow and keep checking around whilst completing this manoeuvre. If other road users move around you stop until they are clear.

Driving Instructor Falmouth, Penryn

Learn to drive – parallel parking.

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