Push Pull Steering Technique

Ideally, when driving the push pull steering technique should be used to turn the steering wheel.

  • Try to not cross your arms when steering. If your arms cross you may reach a point where you cannot apply more steering in the desired direction and you may need to.
  • By employing the push pull steering technique your hands will remain in contact with the steering wheel most of the time whilst driving giving you more control of the vehicle.
  • Try to not let the steering wheel slide through your hands when straightening up.
  • Your right hand should remain on the right hand side of the steering wheel and your left should stay on the left. At no point when steering should your hands cross over.
  • When using the push pull steering technique your hands will remain close to the 10 to 2 position allowing you to access the indicator and wiper controls without taking your hands off the steering wheel.

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Push pull steering technique.

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