Reverse around a corner.

The reverse around a corner manoeuvre is used in every day driving to turn around when the road is too narrow to perform a turn in the road. This manoeuvre is no longer examined during the  UK driving test. Remember, the reverse around a corner is marked on your control of the vehicle and your observation skills.

Method – Reverse around a corner.

Reverse around a corner - Black Cat Driving School - Driving Instructor - Driving Lessons in Falmouth, Penryn, Truro, Redruth & Cambourne.

  • You will start the reverse around the corner manoeuvre in position A. Before moving off consider:-
    • the shape of the turn.
    • the gradient of the road.
    • from which directions, and how long would it take for other traffic to approach your position.
  • Prepare to move off as normal, get a bite if required, observe and if it is safe move off remembering to signal.
  • Check your mirrors and signal to pull in at position B.
  • Select reverse gear, get a bite if required then observe. If clear reverse back to your point of turn which is when the back of your car is level with the first curved curbstone.
  • Check all around again including your blind spot then steer your vehicle back around the turn to point C. Remember to maintain 360 degree awareness as you move back.
  • Once completed engage the handbrake and put the gear stick to neutral.

If any vehicles move around you whilst you are performing the reverse around a corner just stop until they move clear.

Reverse around a corner.

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